Counting days…and nights, too…

Still another at least 29 days to go….of fasting, that is…..if we are to fast 30 days this year. Seem like a looong way to go….for now, especially with the long hours of fasting for those here in Europe. Well….what can I say…..since Ramadan happens to be in summer this year…..and of course for the next several years to come!  I think it will be even harder to fast when Ramadan falls in June or July….when the daylight hours are even longer than it is now!!! Whooooa….I’ll cross that hurdle when the time comes. Hmmm…..but I do envy those on the other side of the globe……who is having winter right now…..arghh….lucky them!!!

But of course the days will go pretty fast….and soon before you and I know it….Ramadan will be over…and then, we’ll hope and pray that we will get to see and experience it…again.

My first day of fasting went well enough….although the hubby said I looked a little pale by the time it was time to break fast. Well…I was starting to feel a little weak…although my stomach behaved very well and did not make a single sound of hunger protest throughout the day. I think it was just the body natural response to the lack of food and water. The hubby wanted to have raclette for dinner….but after a whole day of fasting…. I wanted something a bit more satisfying to my Asian taste bud than just potatoes and cheese!! So, we settled for mushroom pasta, instead. And no…I still have not used my especially long spaghetti for the pasta….that will be for special occasion….maybe 🙂

I decided to cook enough so that I will not have to cook again for sahur (the predawn meal). Unlike the hubby who believes in having a good breakfast in the morning and has no problem eating very early in the morning….yours truly, however….have never been a morning eater! A cup of coffee …usually will keep me happy and contented enough in the morning… until lunch time. So, it is always hard to force myself to eat so early in the morning…especially during Ramadan. I had to have plenty of drinks nearby so that I can force some food down my throat……if the appetite refuse to come! So, it was the same this morning during sahur

Hmmmm….still another 28 nights of sahur….give or take a few nights (ahem, ahem…if you know what I mean)….and counting……

Happy Bersahur….all..


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