Fireworks in Geneva…

Now that I have made my Ramadan greeting, I want to share about the fireworks display that me and the hubby went to last Sat, in Geneva. It was truly a grand spectacle…

The fireworks spectacular was part of the annual Fêtes de Genève (Geneva Festival) held to celebrate the Swiss national day. The main festival lasted from 29 Jul – 8 Aug, with some pre-fest activities starting from 15 Jul . And the fireworks display that we went to last Sat, was the grandest of all the fireworks displays held during the Fetes….to mark the end of Fêtes de Genève. The theme of the grand fireworks display this year (yup…..they have their own theme every year!) is Circus. So….the music that accompanied the fireworks ( that’s right…..they have music accompaniment, too!) followed the theme, as well.  They even have someone speaking in between the fireworks, like a Circus ringmaster!!  And….I was told that about 10,000 fireworks were used in the display this year. Wow….so much money went up in flames, huh?!!!

As in the past 2 years, we watched it with a very old friend of the hubby. Starting at about 10pm (when it was dark enough to have a good view of the fireworks display), it lasted for about an hour with a short interval of about 10 mins at half time. The whole stretch of road that surround the lake (as Geneva city is situated at the end of Lake Geneva) were closed to traffic for the fireworks display. This was, of course, to facilitate viewing so that people could stand, sit, squat or even lie on the ground… if they like…. as close to the lake as possible where the fireworks would be. And the road and street lights were switched off… so as to better able the people to view the display. It was really very festive and the closed streets were really jam-packed with so many people (some coming from as far as Lausanne, like us, or some even farther) during the grand fireworks. However, since we did not come early to chope  a good viewing spot…we just watched the fireworks from wherever we happened to be at, when it started! But still… it was not too bad a location spot to watch the fireworks, I must say…

But……after the fireworks, it was another matter trying to get home. The train was really packed despite the CFF (the Swiss train company) adding extra train run. We only managed to get onto the 12.15am train …which stopped at quite a few stations…so that by the time we reached home, it was nearly 2.00am!! So, of course we woke up late the following morning!

Still….. it was a very enjoyable and entertaining evening, especially since I also got a chance to visit with a Singaporean friend and had epok-epok and nasi lemak for dinner!! 🙂

The first few fireworks to kickstart the grand display…

From our spot….not far from the ferris wheel nearby…and behind the firemen (if you can spot 4 men standing on the white container!)

But we still have a good view of the fireworks, from where we were standing…

Towards the end…..

And then the lights on the ferris wheel came on….a sign that the fireworks was over and time to blah (leave lah)…!


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