A two-in-one kind of celebration…

Had not found the time to write the past few days as I had been very busy….. hmmm…..busy shopping (with really good purchases of 50% to 75% discount for our bedroom and living room furniture…yeahhh!!), busy going out, busy celebrating and …also busy unpacking and putting things away from the many boxes that we brought back from the warehouse on Sunday. The unpacking is still not finished but some will have to wait a little …until the furniture we bought are delivered.

So….what kind of celebrating had I been doing? The National kind of celebration…..of course. On Saturday, the hubby and I went to the Singapore Mission in Geneva to attend Singapore 45th National Day celebration (the mission always hold the celebration at least a week or two earlier than the actual date of 9 Aug…which I have no idea why….hmmm …maybe I should ask the next time..)  and then on Sunday, 1 Aug , we celebrated the Swiss National Day.

This year, we didn’t go to Ouchy,  Lausanne to watch the fireworks display firstly because we were quite tired after all the heavy carrying that had to be done ( well…mostly by the hubby and his best friend, of course…. 🙂 ) of my boxes from the storage warehouse. A total of 18 boxes plus 2 bags, plus some gym stuff of the hubby which he had kept at the warehouse prior to our move here, were brought back home! So…we decided to stay home that evening to rest. And secondly, because the hubby had a craving for fondue that night to celebrate the Swiss National Day…since the weather had turned a little cool in the evening due to heavy rain. (In case you don’t know….fondue is a favourite Swiss speciality during the cold season!)

So… that evening, we had fondue for dinner …..while watching fireworks…..from the balcony of our home. Luckily the rain stopped just in time for the fireworks display!!

This is our dinner…..Swiss fondue…..prepared by hubby…..see the dripping cheese….yummy, yummy….

and this is our dinner entertainment…..fireworks display…..for the commune of Lausanne which is always held in Ouchy.

Each commune (the smallest political and administrative entity in Switzerland) would hold their own fireworks display….which need not necessarily start at the same time. One of the biggest fireworks display in the French-speaking part of Switzerland (also known as Swiss Romande region) would be in Geneva….which is held over 3 weekends, usually. The whole streets near the lake would be closed to allow people to enjoy the fireworks. Will share more on this when we go to see the fireworks display this Saturday night, ok?

Hubby…… enjoying the firework…..(which unfortunately did not look as big as the ones we saw many weeks ago, above Mont Sauvebelin…..as Ouchy is farther away.)

and his home-made fondue…….scrapping off the cheese crust at the base of the pot!!! Its his favourite part of the fondue meal…. 🙂

Towards the finale…….

Next year….we are definitely going to go to Ouchy to see the fireworks. Although it was nice to look at the fireworks from our balcony, but the excitement is more….when we are nearer to where the action is! The whole festive atmosphere…..you cannot replicate it back home….And of course, the strategic location of Ouchy, Lausanne….which is at the bend of the Lake Geneva (the lake bends almost like a banana!) meant that we could see fireworks display not only for the commune of Lausanne, but also some of the other communes as well…..i.e. those communes that are situated along as well as across the lake!!! You have to see it to believe it!! One definitely cannot see this from the fireworks display in Geneva despite all its grandness……that’s for sure!!!


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