Excuse me…where is the ladies’ toilet, please…?

Yesterday, me and the hubby went to do some bargain hunting outside of Lausanne, in a small town called Etoy. This is where some of the bigger and major shops can be found that are closest to Lausanne such as Interio, Pfister, Fly, Hyper Casino, Hornbach….to name some of them. One train stop away…3-4 mins from Etoy… will be the ever popular IKEA plus some of the factory outlets, in another small town called Allaman. Its our favourite hunting ground…for items for the home, especially for furniture and its related accessories. 

And yesterday… being the late night opening for the shops at Etoy (with shops closing at 9pm instead of the usual 7pm on weekdays), we decided to check out the stuff there…before the sale season ends. True enough there were some pretty good bargains to be had… as long as one cares to scout around. I was happy to buy a glass vase which was selling at only CHF 2 , instead of its original price of CHF 19.90!  A good buy, no……don’t be jealous, huh!I 🙂 At that price…even if I accidentally break the glass…I will not lose sleep over it lah… since its so cheap! And at Pfister…we saw a TV display area …..a big one…..going for only CHF 3,000 instead of its original price of CHF 10,000. I know…I know.. still quite pricey….but considering the price cut….its quite a good bargain…don’t you think? Luckily (for me, i.e.)  we had already bought our tv display area….also at reduced price from another shop just before my family came to visit….and that the size of the one we saw yesterday would be too big to fit into our living room…..if not…..I might not be able to sleep….wondering if we should get it! he, he, he..

Anyway….before I get side-tracked even further….my shopping spree was not the main item that I wanted to share, here….but…. my trip to the ….ahem..ahem…..toilet! Nothing dirty….or funny….but I supposed you could say….. something quite unexpected??? Just before starting our hunt together… with the hubby who only joined me, after he had finished work….I decided to visit the ladies (toilet) first.  I found the toilet easily enough….but it was not quite what I had expected…Well….you  can see from the pictures below…


Oh dear….oh dear…..I really do need to go to the toilet…….Now….where IS the toilet, when I need it most? Ahh….there’s the toilet sign!! Great!!!

Hmmmmmm…… a uniperson toilet I supposed…..no problem….Let me open the door…

Eikkk…..what kind of a toilet is this????? How come both the ladies and gent’s cubicles are in the same room?!!

And then….two wash basins….side by side, some more…..just like in those bathrooms I saw in the home style magazines…and which I would dearly lurve to have for our own home…one for the hubby and one for me!! Wah lau….what if a man comes in while I am using the toilet, huh??? Ai yoh…I better use quickly before someone comes!! And I better pray also that no one comes while I am in here…..”Dear God. please, please…..”

Postscript: It was a little uncomfortable for me to use this toilet, since this was the first time I came across such a  layout. I was quite apprehensive …and certainly did my thing as quickly as I can….worrying in case a man might come in. But I supposed if you do not have a big space available for separate toilet rooms, it does make some sense to have the two cubicles plus another for the physically challenged… all near to each other….so that if there are 2-3 people of the same sex…wanting to use the toilets at the same time,  they can all do so regardless of the signs on the individual door! But since the toilets are at a corner… and inside a closed room…..it did make it a wee bit uncomfortable for my Asian sensibilities…


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