the big family Swiss holiday…in Schaffhausen…

The last full day excursion that the family did before the end of their stay in Switzerland was to visit the largest waterfall in Europe…..the Rhine Falls (or Rhein Falls in German) near Schaffhausen, between the communes of Neuhausen am Rheinfall and Laufen-Uhwiesen. It took about 4 hours to reach the Rhine Falls from Lausanne. We had to change train in Zurich and then to a bus from Schaffhausen train station to Neuhausen.

This time, the weather cooperated with us, thank god! It had started to drizzle a little when we reached Schaffhausen train station but luckily didn’t develop into a full-blown rain. Instead it turned sunny when we were at the Rhine Falls. On our way back, we did a short sight-seeing of Zurich city before catching the connecting train back to Lausanne.

Enjoy the snapshots of the trip to the Rhine Falls (Rhein Falls)….

View of  Lake Geneva coastline just after leaving Lausanne…as seen from the train as we made our way to Zurich.


This time we were lucky, not only to get on board a double-decker train… but we also managed to get seats near the children play area! For once, my sis didn’t have to worry about her girls getting bored during the journey 🙂

Look… there’s even a kind of board game on the tablet between the seats!! And it differs from seats to seats. Very impressive, no? But please note that priority for seating at the family area (where the play area is located) is always for travelling family WITH small kids. Please be prepared to be told off and asked to sit elsewhere by other parents, if you sit there without any child accompanying you!! Well….you have been warned…because that’s what happened during our train journey…..not to us….but to another couple!!

The view of the Rhine River as we were approaching Schaffhausen train station.

Okay, we’re nearly there……walking towards the Rhine Falls from the bus stop in Neuhausen.

And then, we were there…..

The majestic looking Rhine Falls, as seen from the back (…when you come on foot from the bus stop) ….

The hubby trying to take snapshots of the falls, from the side…there are steps for you to walk to go to the front of the Rhine Falls.

And the view from the front, where we had a drink at a small cafeteria with paid toilets facility nearby. You might notice a boat approaching the falls from the right…

it  was actually ferrying passengers to the viewing platform located right at the top of the rock structure in the middle of the falls. Guess it gives you a different kind of feeling to see the water gushing through…… with you standing in the middle of it!!

Alternatively, you might even be able to view the falls from a train ….

that actually stop for several minutes in the middle of the bridge that span across the Rhine river.

Okay…’s some pertinent info about the Rhine Falls…

As you can see from the sign above….it seemed that the Rhine Falls has existed for thousand of years……!!!

Now…..what else can one do at the Rhine Falls, you think…. apart from admiring it?


Well… about having one’s wedding outdoor photo shoot, there? We spotted two different bridal couples having their photos taken at the falls 🙂

Or… could also try one’s luck at fishing…!! Hmmm…..I wondered what kind of fish one can get, here….??

And here are some snapshots of the old town of Schaffhausen which we decided to go and visit before catching our train to Zurich…

Quite a pretty little old town!

Now……if you look closely at these quaint looking old windows on the buildings in the old town, below….


You will see the date in which they were built………..  sorry, what did you say?  Ohh …….. the pictures are too small to see….

Okay, now can you see the date? This one was built in 1688… Interesting, huh?


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