A barbeque that was not meant to be…

On Saturday we were at the in-laws’ place in France, for the birthday bbq of the hubby’s younger brother. The day started nice and sunny enough, but turned a little cloudy by late afternoon. And by evening time, when the bbq was supposed to start, down in the wood by the little stream, it has started to rain lightly. But the family persevered and still went down to the wood to get ready the stuff for the bbq.

Alas…. it started to pour even more heavily, so all bbq’ing had to be moved to the terrace using gas bbq pit instead of au naturel….(I meant using chopped wood-lah!) But several minutes into the bbq’ing, the gas finished……oh no!! So…..in the end…..no bbq birthday meal……Nevertheless it was still a nice meal prepared by the in-laws…..using the tried and tested kitchen stove and oven 🙂

And I cannot help but noticed…. on our way to and from the in-laws, from the train that we took from Lausanne and then back to Lausanne, as well as from the car (which the hubby’s best friend was driving to go to the in-laws from Geneva)…. that there were plenty of sunflowers blooming so brilliantly under the hot summer months….so, I thought I’ll share photos of the sunflowers we saw, rather than the birthday meal itself….I think they are prettier to see…. 🙂

Rows of sunflowers or tournesol, as they are called here.

The hubby’s best friend kindly stop his car to let me take photos of the sunflowers as it would have been more difficult to get a good shot from a moving car or train.

Up close and personal….aren’t they lovely?

And aren’t we lovely?…he, he, he…..just kidding lah……Actually this photo is to show how tall the sunflowers are…… even taller than me and the hubby…. ..Well…ok, ok, I admit that we are not VERY TALL …. 🙂 ….but still… it is a tall plant, no?


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