We could see it …

Last night, the hubby and I discovered another bonus of living further up the Lausanne hill … and we love it!  We were sitting quietly at the balcony, enjoying the cool night air after our dinner when suddenly … yes we saw it! Nno, no, not a bird … not a plane … not a helicopter … and most definitely not superman … but fireworks lighting up the night sky! And it was so lovely while it lasted … sigh ….

Yup, it certainly is colder and more windy where we are staying now compared with our old place. But since we are quite high up the hill with nothing to block our view, we have not only a good view of the lake, the mountains and part of the Lausanne city … but also of the fireworks when they lit up the Lausanne sky, it seemed! Well, well, well … what a nice surprise for us! (ps: we think the fireworks might have been part of the programme of an international sporting event that was going on at the Lausanne stadium, last night.)

Hmmmm … after last night, I cannot help but wonder whether we shall be able to see the fireworks during the Swiss National Day, this coming 1 August. Usually, we would have to go to Ouchy to see the fireworks as that is where the fireworks are held. But maybe, just maybe … this year, we might possibly be able to enjoy the fireworks from the comfort of our own balcony!! Ohhh … I am so looking forward to that! :D.


The fireworks as seen above the forest of Mont Sauvebelin.


I think we are the only kiasu residents of our apartment building who were busily snapping the photos of the fireworks … just so that I can share the fireworks with everyone on this blog! And mind you, not just one camera, but with two! However, the above shots are from the hubby’s camera as mine does not seem to work as well anymore when it is dark. 😦


It looked almost as if the  forest was on fire … no?


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