Evian … the water … and the town …

Okay, back about the family holiday … now that the mood is here! 🙂

The day after we sent off our eldest brother and youngest sister at the airport in Geneva (who had to leave a week earlier than the rest of family), the hubby and I decided to take the rest of the family back to France, again. This time to Évian-les-Bains, which is only 35 mins by boat across Lac Léman (Lake Geneva) from Ouchy, Lausanne.

It is a nice little town by the lake which is well-known as a tourist resort, especially as a spa resort (well, the word les bains means baths, so you can already tell that you can find thermal baths in this town). And … as you might also have guessed from its name, it is also the home town of the mineral water, Evian. There is a nice story of how the mineral water, Evian came to be discovered. You can read the story here (so that I don’t have to repeat the story lah!)

The other attractions for this little town is its casino called Casino D’Evian which is part of the Evian Royal Resort comprising of luxury hotels, spas, thermal baths and golf courses. It is a little town built specifically for tourism, I would say!

Bonus info: Did you know that if you bring an empty bottle, you can fill it up with fresh Evian mineral water, free of charge?! 🙂


The little town of Evian … as seen from across the lake, from a boat.


Walking along the promenade by the lake upon arriving in Evian.


Group shot in front of Evian Showroom, near the town centre.


Inside the Evian Showroom. Admission is free. Inside, you can get information as to how they obtained the mineral water, the history of the water, a display of all the Evian bottles that they had used, a video show … plus a small souvenir shop.


THE PLACE (Cachat Spring) … where you can get fresh Evian mineral water without having to pay a single cent. Well … except maybe the transport cost to get there! Some people came on foot, others in their cars (and us by boat! :)) … with bottles of all shapes, sizes and make. The spring is open to the public all year round!


Our turn … luckily, we unintentionally brought some empty bottles with us. Actually, the empty bottles were meant for the recycle bin, but the quick thinking hubby decided to keep a few with him in his bag. So in the end, we did indeed recycle the bottles … by filling them with Evian mineral water … right from the source!

ps: according to the family, Evian mineral water tasted much nicer fresh from the source than from a bottle sold at the supermarket. Well, I suppose everything taste better fresh, no?


The bro-in-law — looking, admiring, marvelling. … at both the water … and the town … of Evian? 😉


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