Gone cherries picking …

Yes, I know that I should try to finish writing about my big family holiday in Switzerland … but I have not found the motivation yet to do so … especially, to select and upload the photos from their holiday, here. So in the meantime, I shall just share on what the hubby and I had been doing, ok?

Last Friday, we were invited by the father-in-law to have dinner with them at a restaurant by the lake on the French side of Lake Geneva. The location of the restaurant was really beautiful as it was exactly by the lake, and the food not too bad, either.

The intention was just to have a meal and then come back to Lausanne on the same evening … but in the end, we ended spending the night there. While we were there, we could see that the cherries (of one of the two cherry trees) in their garden are just ripe for picking. But since we had to return to Lausanne very early the next morning, there was no opportunity to do any picking … well, except for a few for us to taste the juicy fruit lah!

However, when the hubby found out that his best would not be working on Monday, it was decided that we would go to his parent’s place on that evening, with his friend (since he could drive us there and back) so that we could all do some cherries picking. And so we did. We slept there, and then came back to Geneva very early the next morning (as the hubby and his best friend had to go to work). Once in Geneva, I made my way back to Lausanne, with a bagful of cherries.

Hmmm … I suppose you can guess what we shall be eating for the next several days! 🙂


Just look at those beautiful red cherries … just begging to be picked!

Red cherries

Closer shots of the juicy fruit……looking so tempting……


Hubby hard at work … picking cherries …


… together with his best friend.

Less you think, I didn’t do anything … I helped too … by holding the ladder that the hubby was on as well as picking those within my range! 🙂


The fruit of our labour … (metaphorically and literally!!)

ps: It was unfortunate that when the family was there, the cherries of one tree was still green, while the other had been feasted by the birds!! They still got to pick and eat some…..but I think they would have gone crazy picking from these lot….I know I did, when I did my first cherries picking, last year!


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