The big family Swiss holiday … in Lugano …

After the coldness of Gornergrat, we decided to take the family to visit warm and sunny Lugano which (as you might have guessed from the name …) is in the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland. It has a milder climate which is more Mediterranean as compared with the German and French-speaking regions of Switzerland. So you can find lots of palm trees in this region.

This was to be the longest day trip for the family as it took some 5 hours of train ride, with a change in Lucerne, … to travel from Lausanne to Lugano. Unfortunately, we missed our connecting train in Lucerne by mere seconds (as we had gone to buy some food thinking that we had ample time to do so), which therefore added another hour to the total journey time, as the next train would not be for another hour! So … by the time we finally arrived at the picturesque lake town of Lugano, everyone is eager to walk as they were so tired of sitting down!

Since we reached Lugano an hour later than was planned, that did not leave us enough time to truly enjoy the little lake town, as we had to make our way back about 2 hours later … in order not to arrive back in Lausanne, too late. While some members of the family chose to take a little walk along the promenade of lake Lugano, a few of us decided to take the little tourist train that tours the town, in order to be able to see more of the town in the shortest time possible.

I think … should there be another family visit (well, I hope that there will be!), we would have to make sure that we sleep in Lugano or at least at the nearby town of Locarno, if we intend to take the family to visit the lake towns in the Italian-speaking region (which was what we had initially thought of doing before the change in plan). Otherwise, it would be too tiring given the long train ride, for the little ones … and more so, I supposed for the older ones!

And while it was nice and sunny while we were in Lugano, it started to rain again while we were in the train on our way back.


Waiting for the next connecting train at Lucerne railway station. The others, in the meantime, had decided to look around the station and the area outside. Just outside the railway station, you can see the beautiful Lake Lucerne and even walk to its famous covered wooden bridge, located not far from the station.


First thing first, after arriving at the Lugano town square (which you can go, either on foot or by taking the funicular from the railway station) … a quick family shot. 🙂


Yeee har …!! The little ones enjoying a horse ride (albeit a wooden one) after the looooooong train ride! Much, much later, … after the little ones had decided they had enough of horsing around, a little boy fell off the wooden horse for riding it too fast and too hard. There was a loud sound when his head hit the hard pavement, followed by a loud cry. The moral of the story? Never leave children unsupervised as accident can happen anytime and anywhere!


Lake view along the promenade.


Two cousins (one big, one small) busy taking snapshots of the beautiful Lugano lake scene, while riding the tourist train.


A small replica of the Jet d’Eau (Water Fountain) in Lugano.


Its bigger and more famous cousin is in Geneva.


A young Malaysian-Swiss couple that the family met while in Lugano. They have been living in Lugano for 7 years. I have to profess that I am quite envious of the fact that the hubby of our Malaysian friend could speak Malay … with a Northern Malaysian dialect and a tinge of Italian accent! Hmmmmm … hubby dear, maybe it is time for you to learn more of the Malay language? 🙂

Passing through mist-covered mountains and villages on our way back from Lugano to Lucerne.


Just awesome!!!


2 thoughts on “The big family Swiss holiday … in Lugano …

  1. Well…I look forward to having you here for the holiday, next! Hopefully, soon 🙂 Maybe I will title it ” Besties on holidays….., ha, ha, ha! 🙂


  2. Dear,
    Loving evry minute of readg ur blog on ur family holiday…just wished that i was there to enjoy it wif them. Keep it coming dear…can’t wait to know more on the family holiday :))


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