The big family Swiss holiday … at Gornergrat …

My family Swiss holiday officially started after we came back from the overnight stay at the in-laws, with a trip to see the famous mountain one usually sees on the wrappers or boxes of Toblerone chocolate – the Matterhorn.

So, from the Geneva railway station, where we were kindly driven by the father-in-law and his good friend, we then made our way to the little but picturesque mountain village of Zermatt. No cars are allowed in Zermatt in order to keep the village pollution free. There are, however, electro taxis for those who might have needs of some mode of transportation. So … don’t forget to breath deeply as much as you can when you’re there … to enjoy the fresh air! 😀

From Zermatt, we had to take another smaller train to the mountain top of Gornergrat, situated some 3000m above sea level … in order to have a good view of the Matterhorn. Alas … the day was a little cloudy, and then it started to drizzle as we reached Gornergrat. So the famous peak of Matterhorn could not be seen at all … what bad luck! In fact, with the rain, not only water droplets fell from the sky … even tiny ice balls, too! I guess it was a first time for my nieces and maybe even my sisters to see tiny drops of ice balls falling down from the sky!

With such lousy weather, we didn’t stay long on Gornergrat. A pity … for my big family. But hei … at least, they got to see snow and even touched it!! 🙂


(Top and bottom) : Views at the top of Gornergrat, near the train station.


There are still lots of snow everywhere … most probably due to the extended cold spell this year. A few years ago when I first visited Gornergrat, also in early June, there was hardly any snow to be found up the mountain top.


The grand and beautiful Matterhorn, with its peak partially hidden by the mist.


Other than the famous Matterhorn, you can also see glacier from the top of Gornergrat, … which unfortunately was not very visible on that day due to the poor weather.


Now, now … if the family cannot go to the snow (as it was too cold for some of them) … then the snow shall come to the family! … courtesy of the hubby, who decided to brave the rain, wind and cold outside to scoop a big chunk of snow for the family to touch, in the warmth of the station. 😀


But of course, for the brave one … nothing will do except doing it yourself … or rather herself! Bravo my dear …


And errr … for parents who might be too tired to bring their children up the mountain peak, there are big lockers available at the train station. Just do not forget to collect them afterwards!!! hehehe … 😀

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