The big family holiday … at the in-laws …

We arrived in Geneva a little later than was scheduled. Not sure the reason for the delay, as there was no explanation given. We then had to take the connecting train to Lausanne and finally arrived home after 11pm. As everyone was tired but hungry, we had instant noodles for supper since that was the easiest and quickest to prepare and are tasty, too … before going to bed.

But just one day after arriving in Switzerland from Paris, the family re-entered France once again. It was to visit my in-laws, who had kindly invited the family to come and spend the night at their home. After taking a much-needed rest (from all the constant travelling for the past one week) and doing lots of washing (luckily it was a very sunny day!), we then took the train back to Geneva from Lausanne that evening.

The plan was to meet up with the hubby who would be waiting for us in Geneva after work and then together we would go to the Swiss-French border to meet up with his father who would come and fetch us. However, since my family was too big to fit into his 7-seater car, the father-in-law had roped in a good friend of his to help drive us. It took less than 20 mins to reach the in-laws house from the Swiss-French border.

We had a lovely time that night … and I believe the family enjoyed their stay at the in-laws very much, too. They even got the opportunity to pluck and eat some cherries and even play a game of pétanque! The next morning after breakfast, we returned to Geneva and from there took the train to Zermatt to see the Matterhorn (a.k.a. Toblerone Mountain).


The hubby showing the family how to play pétanque, in the copse at the back of the house. The one whose metal ball is closest to the target ball wins the game. And each player is given 3 metal balls to throw. With her metal ball in her hand, my little niece waited patiently for her turn to throw her ball.


And then it was her turn to throw. Although it might look easy, I can assure you that it is not easy to manoeuvre the ball. I didn’t manage to win any game! Or maybe I just sucks at the game!!


Collecting the balls at the end of each game.


The little ones certainly enjoyed playing the game … and collecting the balls after the game! 🙂


Makan time (time for dinner) … making their way back up the hill to the house, after the game.

Playing with sparkler after dinner, courtesy of the mom-in-law. The sparkler is longer and thicker and therefore lasted longer than the ones usually found in Singapore and Malaysia (unfortunately I forgot to take a photo of it)


And later, having a spot of entertainment and ice cream … down in the cellar which has been decorated like a disco, complete with loud music and colourful lightings!! [Although the hubby tells me that it is more akin to a ‘carnotzet’, a cellar containing wine converted into a small, cosy dining area for friends to come usually found in the Swiss canton of Wallis/Valais]. The children love it, especially the two little ones. 🙂


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