Out hunting again …

We are on a hunt again. Actively this time.

Now that the big family visit is getting nearer and nearer, the heat is on to get our new place presentable enough. One week from today, we will be meeting the family in London … yahoooo! I cannot wait to meet them and bringing them over to my place, after a short holiday in London and Paris. But can we get our place ready in time? I have no idea … but we’ll know at the end of this week, if we managed to. I have my doubt … serious doubt. But the hubby seemed very positive that we can. Swiss and Singaporean boleh!! Errrrr … we shall see.

Meantime, the hunt is on for the missing furniture items for our new place. There are still several that are needed to complete not just the look for the place, but more importantly to provide the necessary storage space for all the things that we have. There are abt 40 boxes of my stuff still in the warehouse, mind you! So, we really need some storage space for my stuff, too. So, many things that we look for has to perform double duty where ever possible.

Oh well … I supposed slowly but surely, we shall get there … sometime. Just don’t really know when that time will be, that’s all.  As the hubby had told me yesterday when I told him about what would really make me happy (other than the sofa-bed that was delivered yesterday afternoon) that … “Rome was not made in one day…be patient, lurve” Yeah sure … but I thought we are in Switzerland, and not Rome? And the  Swiss is supposed to be highly efficient … no? But …. if you say so, mon cher … 🙂

So this afternoon, we shall be out hunting again, as we had done for the past few days. Wish us luck!!


One thought on “Out hunting again …

  1. Good luck with the hunt dear… i am sure evrything will fall in place before they arrive.


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