Ohh, what a mist …

Woke up early this morning to find that it is still raining. It had rained lightly since yesterday’s evening, and it seems that it has not stopped. As usual, after waiving the hubby goodbye from the window of our bedroom, which has a much better view of the path that he has to take to walk to the métro station, I usually would go to the kitchen to have my cup of coffee and enjoy the beautiful view.

But instead of the usual mountains and lake view, all I saw were mists surrounding the mountains and the lake. No mountain view. No lake view.

Still … it was a nice view, too. Just a different one. It gave me a different kind of feeling to see all that mists enveloping the mountains, lake and forest. So no complain lah. When it comes to beautiful view, we have been blessed with one where we are staying right now.


The hardly visible lake …


… and the mountains. Even the two HDBs are hardly visible either.


And the forest, Mont Sauvebelin, totally covered with mists, as seen from the window in the living room. Normally, we could see the wooden tower in the forest, where one could go up to have a bird’s-eye view of the city of Lausanne and Lake Geneva. It is the favourite place of the hubby when going for a jog. But not this morning … it totally disappeared!

But as the rain stopped in the afternoon, and the sun slowly starts to chase away the mists … the view changed. Everything started to become visible again.


The lake view is back …


… even the mountains and the HDBs are slowly becoming visible, too.


… and I can now see the wooden tower, again. Nice!! 🙂


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