They are back …

Yup … the warm days are back, again … at least for the past few days. Since Friday, the days have been not only sunny, but also warm. So, it had been a lovely long weekend of cleaning and trying to put our new home in order since Monday was a public holiday, here. The hubby and I were busy assembling furniture items that we had bought the week before, accompanied by the birds’ symphony as they chirped noisily in the background, throughout the nice sunny weekend. In fact, I even heard cock’s crows yesterday while we were outside on the balcony assembling our balcony table. It was the first time I actually heard it even though the hubby had told me that he had heard it a few times before. It really reminded me of my own place in Singapore, when I first moved in. As there is a small last remaining village in Singapore in the estate that I lived in (which I believe is still there), I could sometimes hear the cock’s crow. It is a lovely sound to hear, especially in the morning.

And since it was such a nice warm day and evening, we decided to take both our meals yesterday on our newly assembled balcony table. It was lovely! And what’s even lovelier? Not having to wear a jacket at home or on the balcony as it was warm enough not to have to do so! Finally ….

Although the weather forecast indicated that it would be partially cloudy today and even be possible storm this evening so far it has been another nice warm and sunny day. I just hope the weather forecast is wrong since there is going to be la Fête des voisins this evening at our apartment buildings. What’s that? Well, I will tell you more in my next entry after I have attended it since it will be our first time attending the fête, too.


The view from the balcony early this morning at around 7.15am when it was still not sunny, yet.


The mountains and lake become less visible when it is very sunny.

The open field behind the houses become more yellow as the yellow wildflowers (which unfortunately I do not know the name) seem to flourish under the warmer weather. Very nice. 🙂


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