Missing it …

Its been hard for me. I miss it very much, I do. I really and truly miss…..the internet at home!

The hubby asked me several days ago whether I missed not being able to watch tv since he has yet to install it at our new place. Strangely, not as much as I miss the lack of the internet connection. For someone living far away from the land of her birth, the internet is my connection to what is happening back home. Although I might not always read the online news everyday, I know that if I want to do so it is just a click away. And I am also able to read and catch up with what is happening in the lives of my family and friends via the facebook and their emails.  With no internet at home since our move, I felt a little helpless and out of touch. Of course, I can always do so at the library but it is not always convenient or possible to go to the library with or without my notebook, everyday. Furthermore, it’s not the same as accessing it from the comfort of one’s own home. So, its been hard for me these past few weeks not having any internet connection at home.

However,  this afternoon I am finally connected, again. Yeay…..could not be happier. I can now do whatever I want or need to do on the internet (when I am not unpacking or rearranging something at our new home or out hunting for some stuff, of course). Its terrible this need and dependence on the internet in our lives today, don’t you think?

As for watching tv, it might seem strange that I do not miss it as much. But when most of the channels are in the languages that are not that familiar to me (except for CNN and BBC), well…there is nothing much to miss, non? But the hubby has a satellite dish which he bought several years ago but has never been put to use at the old place. He promised to set it up so that hopefully, we’ll be able to get some channels from Singapore or Malaysia. I definitely look forward to that, as I do miss watching the local programmes from my homeland and neighbouring Malaysia. I hope it will work…(cross my fingers)…

And…I also miss the warm weather! It has been a relatively cold spring, as had been predicted. Except for the warm sunny days during the weeks of our move in mid April, the weather so far has been quite cold. Despite being in mid spring, I am hardly ever without my warm jacket when going out or with my fleece jacket when I am home. So, extra radiator is one of the additional stuff in our hunting list, as you might have guessed 🙂

While I was on the train yesterday morning, coming back from celebrating the hubby’s birthday the previous night at his parent’s, I read in the free newspaper that the cold spell had caused a slump in the sale of foodstuff for grilling and barbecuing. I can definitely attest to that.  Last year to celebrate the hubby’s birthday, we had a barbeque down in the wood at the in-law’s place as the weather was nice and warm. But this year, we had a meal indoor as it was too cold to eat outside.

Nice weather please come soon….and try to stay throughout my family holiday in June….pretty pleasseeeeeeeeeee…

To be finally connected to the internet at home…after so long…what a relief! But it would be even better once the computer in the computer room is finally set up!!

Our tv that is still in its box…

And the not sunny weather… a view of Lake Geneva and Evian from our balcony. We finally got the table and seats for our balcony, yesterday. Just waiting for that nice warm and sunny weather so as to be able to enjoy them on the balcony!!


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