Bye for the last time …

Nooooo … not to this blog, but to the hubby lah!

Ooops … that does not sound quite right, either. I mean waiving goodbye to the hubby early this morning, as he left to catch the bus and train to go to work … from the balcony of our current flat. That is what I meant! Because from tomorrow, he will be on leave until next Tuesday. And after that, I guess I shall continue to waive goodbye to him … but it will be from the balcony of our new flat lah. 🙂

Despite the heightened stress of the impending move and the still unfinished business of dusting and packing, I am also excited that we shall be getting the key to our new flat, tomorrow. And after this weekend (hoping for a not too traumatic move process … I really do!), we should be more or less comfortably and happily settled in our new flat.

I tried to capture the moment on camera but unfortunately, my old digital camera does not work very well when it’s dark. So, the shot didn’t turn out well and I could hardly see the hubby waiving back at me in the darken picture!! Hmmm … I knew that I should have done it using the new camera that the hubby had bought just recently, precisely to capture the remaining days of our stay here as well as for the holiday and travelling that we shall be doing in June when my family comes to visit. Buuuuuut … silly me, I had still want to try it with my old camera. Served me right, I suppose!!

So, what does this mean?

Just no photo to include in this entry lah … as it will not be the same to include one taken from the balcony of the same place during the day, without the hubby waiving back, no? 🙂


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