Have you heard of this fruit …?

This morning I happened to come across, again, an online article about a little known but several century-old fruit making its début in an upper-scale supermaket chain in the UK. It is a cross between a strawberry and pineapple and is called … pineberry! It looks like a strawberry except for the white skin but apparently tastes like a pineapple. The hubby and I would dearly love to get our hands on the fruit to try it but unfortunately it does not seem to be available here, in Switzerland, at least for the time being. And in the UK, it will only be on sale for 5 weeks, which means that we will not get to try it there, either, when we go to London in June. What a pity! 😦

When I first saw the picture of the pineberry more than a week ago (you can read the online article and see a very nice picture of the pineberry here,  it reminded me of my wild strawberry except for the different colour.  They are both small in size as compared to the commercially grown strawberry. No surprise really since the pineberry is supposed to have been bred from a wild strawberry originating in South America.

And talking about wild strawberry, I am happy that my wild strawberry plants have survived the cold winter. Right now, with the nice warm spring weather, they are growing well. So I think by June, I should be able to harvest some of the ripe berries. In case you wonder how I got my wild strawberry plants … well, I pinched them from my in-laws’ place in France. See … they have this little copse behind their house where these strawberry plants just grow wildly. And when the wild strawberries are in season, they would pick the ripe berries to add to their salads. I just love picking them!

Ooohhh … can’t wait to bring my sisters and nieces to go strawberry picking in this wood when they are here in June. I am sure they will enjoy it, too 🙂

Here are a few photos of my wild strawberries (well, I supposed they are not as wild as those of my in-laws since they are grown in a pot!), taken in late spring last year.

dscn2740 (1)

My wild strawberry plants when there were still some flowers. You can see how small the fruit is.

dscn27411Close up shot.


The small harvest which I had intended to bring with me when I went to Singapore in June last year to show to my family. Unfortunately, I forgot to take them from the fridge, where I had left them!! By the time I came back from Singapore 2 weeks later, they were no longer good to eat … tsk, tsk, tsk … shame on me!

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