Pineapples overload …

One of the hubby resolutions for this year is to lose a few kilos, especially the area around his expanding belly. So, he has started jogging more regularly this year (although this has taken a backseat with our impending move to the new flat) and also pays more attention to the food he eats. We have cut down on some of our favourites like pizzas, vegi-burgers, fries, pasta and try to go more for weightwatchers kind of stuff, plus having more vegetables and fruits in our meal.

And he is also trying out a new diet called……… the pineapple diet! And how does the diet works? Well,  basically it works by simply eating lots of pineapple! So, I tried to incorporate pineapples in our meal as often as I can, either as fresh fruit juice, in fruit cocktail, in salad, in the side dish or even in the main dish. We have also tried several brands of pineapple juice in order to find out which taste the best so that we can also have it as a drink. Sad to say for our pocket, the most expensive pineapple juice won hands down! Even when we were in Singapore in January this year, the hubby made sure that we did not miss on the pineapple diet!

Unfortunately pineapple can be quite expensive in Switzerland as it is considered an exotic fruit. On average it cost between CHF3-4. So far, the most expensive ones we had tried cost CHF5.20 a piece. That is about S$6.70!  Since they are quite expensive, we usually try to look out for pineapple sales. Usually when they are on sale we would buy at least 2 pieces so that it could last us for a week or so.

But last weekend, the hubby went a little kiasu (if you want to know the meaning of this Singaporean slang, click here. As there was a pineapple sale of 50% for an expensive type, he decided that we should buy as many as we can and stock up. So, even though I had already bought 2 pineapples a day earlier, we ended up buying 8 more that day!

And guess what? After nearly a week, we have only eaten 2 so far. I just hope it will not go rotten on us before we managed to eat them all!!

Two drawers full of pineapples!!


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