April showers …

After the beautiful spring weather last week, this week looks like it is not going to be as nice and sunny.  The temperature has dropped to below 10°C; and it rained yesterday until very late afternoon and later again at night.  This morning, it is raining albeit lightly, again. Sigh….how to do dusting on the balcony in this kind of weather? And we have lots of things to dust! Lots and lots!!

Especially since there will be visitors coming this Friday to view this flat.  After informing the owner on Monday of our intention to move out from this flat, the owner has already arranged for possible new tenants to view it. So the hubby is even more anxious and stressed about trying to dust and pack away some of the stuff that are laying all over in the computer room!! Poor him. I could have told him that “I told you so” (about doing something to tidy up that room a little, several times before) but decided to keep my mouth shut.

However, on the plus side I will not have to water my plants on the balcony since the rain will do it nicely for me. My poor plants had been struggling in the cold winter. Except for my curry and lime plants (which are still in infancy stage so I didn’t think would be able to survive the snow and the cold weather), the rest of my herb plants were left to endure the cold winter on the balcony. I thought they might die but was happy to note that now that warmer weather is here, they have started to spring to life again, except for the sweet basil. That, I will have to plant a new one from seeds, again. But the rest of my mints,

oregano, thyme, parsley, chives, rosemary and wild strawberry are back in business! Hooray!!!

Hmmmm…..have you ever seen a wild strawberry plant before? Maybe I’ll share on that in my next entry.


Some of my herb plants looking more alive now after they had been given a good makeover (I meant I’ve trimmed and cleaned away the dead and rotten parts lah!)


The two tropical plants that I grew from seeds when I moved to join the hubby – small lime and curry plants. Just waiting for my little babies to grow bigger. They are already 18 months old but have only grew this much! I supposed they are growing very slowly because they are not used to the cold temperate climate, here


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