Spring cleaning …

Not just for me, as we get ready for the move to our new flat, but also for the primary school located just across our building. Since this week is a school holiday here because of the coming Easter, the school decided to arrange for some cleaners to clean the windows of the school building. As early as 7.30am, several ladies were seen hard at work cleaning the windows.


The school that is located just across from our building.


The ladies hard at work, cleaning the school windows.

Panorama 2

I will definitely miss seeing all the actions at the school when we move to our new place.  Although it can get a bit noisy, especially during recess time when the children came out to the school ground to take a break and play … I enjoyed looking at them. Not to mention, seeing the parent volunteers who helped to control traffic at the two zebra crossings near the school, every morning and evening.

School children at a zebra crossing

Normally, it would be two ladies …  but I was lucky to catch on camera two gentlemen doing the job this particular morning.

The hubby said that although he will not miss the noisy traffic, he will miss some of the sights that we can see and observe from our flat. Me too, especially in spring and summer when we tend to spend more time on the balcony.  Sigh…..but life revolves and we shall just have to learn to move on.


Two girls spotted with matching pink clothes and school bags! So cute … must be twins, I reckon.


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