Going back to class …

Finally, 3 days ago I received the confirmation that I have been waiting for. I have been accepted to attend a French class at one of the highly sought after school in Lausanne. I had registered my application since early December last year, hoping to start lesson in January but was later told that the class starting in January was already full and that I might have to wait until April.

And the reason as to why the school is so popular? Obviously because it is very cheap lah! For the price that I will have to pay to attend French lesson in this school for 3 months, I could not even attend 2 weeks of lessons at the last school that I went to!  Do the maths and you can see how much Swiss Franc I will be able to save for my French lesson. If only I had known about this school earlier and have been attending lessons faithfully, I think I might have been able to speak French like a little pro by now! Well … at least I like to think so! 🙂

But as they say, better late than never. So, after stopping my French lesson for more than 9 months now,  I am finally going back to class again after the Easter holidays. Not a good timing, considering that we will be moving into our new flat 10 days later. Unfortunately, I cannot choose the start date of my lessons as they are fixed for each semester and neither had I expected to make our move around the same time. But at least between now and the start of my class, I still have free days to do the cleaning and packing. And since lessons are only 4 days a week, I will still have the long weekend to help the hubby with the dusting and packing work.

Last night, the hubby asked whether I am excited to start my lesson again? Definitely, because how can I improve my French otherwise? I am too shy to speak French much on the street, the hubby has not much patience with my limited comprehension of the French language and I am not too discipline either to study on my own. So, the best thing is to make sure that I go for regular classes where I will be forced to hear and speak French. And more importantly, it is also one of the best way to meet new people and make new friends. Since we would be studying together for at least 3 months, I am sure I will be able to make some good and hopefully lasting friendship among my classmates.

This was also another reason why I stopped my lesson at the previous school. Since lessons are paid on a weekly basis in that school, students have the option to stop anytime they choose to do so and new students can join a class anytime. Because of the high student’s turnover,  it made it difficult to make any lasting friendship. In fact, towards the end of the Beginner’s course,  I was the only one remaining in the class who had started from the very beginning. I find it very disruptive having to say goodbye often to those who  were leaving after only a few weeks of lesson and having to greet new ones every other week or so. So in the end when class stopped for the long summer break, I decided not to continue after that but tried to find another.  I am happy to have found this other school with the help of one of my former classmates who had since returned to Singapore and look forward to continue my French lesson, there. Especially since it is easy to get to from my new flat. J’aime bien!


The original group in my Beginner’s French course at Ecole Migros with our jovial professor (second from the right).

I later had to join another class just a few weeks before completing the beginner’s course as the student’s numbers shrank way below the minimum needed to form a class. Although the lady professor was just as jovial and very good, I was already de-motivated by then …. and was just waiting for the course to finish! 😦


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