We gonna move it, move it …

One of the hubby’s favourite ditty which he used to lurve to repeat is You Got to Move it, Move it, from the song of the same name from the animated film Madagascar. And as I had always told him, we got to move it, move it, too because our humble abode despite all the nearby conveniences and the beautiful lake view, is simply too small for the two of us.

He agreed, and we have been wanting to move for quite a long time, now.  Ever since I arrived, nearly all of my stuff are stored in a rented storage box.  It was a very frustrating situation for me. And a little stressful for the hubby, too, knowing that I am not very happy with our current arrangement. And now that my big family is coming to visit from Singapore, we are even more anxious about wanting to move to a bigger place!

We have been looking for places to buy as well as places to rent. We have looked at flats, houses (both old and new, and in France and Switzerland) and even at lands, thinking that maybe we could build our own home. Unfortunately, we have not been very lucky. Either we didn’t like what we saw or those that we liked were either way beyond our budget or were snatched up quickly before we could even make an offer. Well….having a nice view, preferablely a lake view, as a requirement does not make it easy to find what we want, either! Definitely not in Geneva, one of the places that we considered moving to.

But as they say, miracle works in mysterious way. Through a strange coincidence we found what we were looking for, right here in Lausanne, just a week ago. At least, we found something that we look forward to move into until we can find our dream house. Yes, like most couple, we still hope to own a house complete with a nice little garden.

While browsing through the online immobilier website (which I have been doing for many months), I saw a flat of reasonable size, reasonable rent and a nice view, being offered for rent. I emailed the hubby about it, and he suggested that I emailed to request for a visit, which I quickly did. Later, we realized the person who had put up the advertisement was actually our former neighbour who wants  to give up the flat in order to move to a smaller one. He graciously agreed to let us come for a visit, even though it was 2 days after the fixed visiting time.

Despite making appointment for a visit, the hubby was initially not very keen to see the place. He was still undecided right until the hour before the visit. But once decided, he later became quite excited about the visit (as we were taking the métro to the place). Having a métro station nearby was one of the attractions of the new place. It is only a few minutes walk from the flat and it takes only 12 mins to reach Lausanne railway station.

The new place has an equally nice view of the lake, plus part of the city as well (since it is located higher up the hill ofLausanne). Beside being bigger than our current place, it also has two toilets which is a necessity when you have a big family visiting! It has a big kitchen, which as most Malays would tell you, is what they look for in a home. I might not be much of a cook, but I enjoy having a big kitchen, too! It has a  bigger balcony, which I could see myself and the hubby partaking our meals during the nice spring and summer months … and for me to indulge in my gardening pleasure. And especially for my mother-in-law, it has a lift! It was one of my grievances (and that of my mother-in-law’s) that our current flat does not has a lift!

Anyway, once we knew that we wanted the flat, we moved really, really fast. Very early Monday morning (we went to see the flat on Saturday afternoon) before the agent was even in office, the hubby had already sent an email to tell her that we are really interested in the flat and all the reasons as to why we need the flat! Then he followed up with a phone call, as soon as he thought that it was decent for him to give her a call. Needless to say, she didn’t sound too friendly about getting an early call from him. But that didn’t put us off. Not even when we were told that many people before us were equally interested in the flat. We sent in our application via email (since its faster) and continued hoping and praying. We even asked our families and friends to help pray for us to get the flat!

Late in the afternoon less than 3 hours after we submitted our application, the hubby received a call to say that we got the flat! So, I guess we were right. We had strongly believed that the flat was meant for us and that we would have it. And we did. Even the former neighbour was surprised when we told him that we got the flat, seeing that we were the last to see it and that many had come to view it before us.

Well, we received the contract on Saturday, exactly one week from the day that we saw the flat. And the countdown has officially begun to our MOVING day. Less than a month to go, so lots of dusting, cleaning and packing to do. And hopefully, lots of throwing of things which are not needed, not working or not in used anymore ( … hint, hint to the hubby. ;))

As a little teaser, this is how our new place looks like, when it was advertised. Of course, it’s going to look a little different once we put our own stamp on it! Ohh….can’t wait to unpack my things currently stored in the warehouse and start decorating the new place! Not to mention the furniture hunt … 🙂

The living room which opens to the balcony and the view outside.

The balcony and the view from it.

And the reasonably spacious kitchen which also opens to the balcony.

(ps: all photos courtesy of our former neighbour, Sebastien)


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