Another visit to Ste Croix …

As I had shared before, our attempt to snowwalk up the mountain at St Croix on our first visit there failed. Partly because our attempt at shortcut didn’t work out as planned; and partly because I had sprained a leg as a result of that attempt. So the following Sunday being the last weekend for winter this year, we decided to give it another go.

This time, no short cut and the hubby was also well prepared with a map of the area to make sure that we would not get lost. Happy to say, we did manage to snowwalk all the way up to the top. And just so that all of you know what an achievement that was…..well the other skiers went up to the same mountain top by using the ski lift! But we did it by walking even though I had to stop to catch my breath and have a drink several times.  We even considered walking to the next  slope but given the time constraint, decided against it. Of course going down was more fun. Not only was it easier but we were also able to do a bit of sliding and gliding on the snow.

Unfortunately, I think it could probably be our last raquette trip for this year. Firstly,  despite the flurry of snow just 10 days earlier, the days are getting warmer. And we noticed that there were very much less snow in Ste Croix as compared to just a week before. Secondly, because we will be moving to a new place soon and so will be busy dusting and packing for the next few weeks. Will share more about our new place in the next entry.

In the meantime, enjoy these pictures.

Melting snow on the slopes

Notice the dry patches where the snow has melted. Some parts of the walk was also harder as the snow was no longer firm and powdery but tended to break when one stepped on it.

St Croix

Even the mountain top was not spared.


 The mountain top that we managed to conquer – Mont Cochet, 1483m above sea level.

On top of St Croix

Having our pictures taken on top of St Croix for posterity.

Ski lift

Skiers coming up the mountain top using the ski lift.

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