This snowshoe is made for walking …

Well….what’s the hype about my new snowshoe? Well firstly, it is sooooo much lighter than the first pair that was bought a few years ago when I first started doing raquette with the hubby. Secondly, it looks more feminine and is in a nice bright green colour, which is one of my favourite colour.

Thirdly, it is much smaller in size and because of that makes it easier for me to manoeuvre backwards or sideways. I had problem turning sideways or moving backwards with the first snowshoe because the design of the snowshoe is such that the heel is left free or unattached to the back of the shoe. Although such design allows for the cleats that are under the front foot to be kicked into a slope for grip when climbing, it also makes it quite awkward for stepping sideways and backwards as the tail of the snowshoe can drag. So with the first pair, I always had to raise my foot real high and wide apart whenever I need to do a turn. With my short legs, this is so tiresome! But with this smaller snowshoe, I didn’t have to raise my feet as high or as wide…cool!! And, no more tripping on the overly long straps, either. Formidable  🙂

Last but not least, as with several things that I had bought here in Switzerland, it is in junior size. It is actually a snowshoe designed for children. But since I am a miniature, as the hubby is fond of telling me, so several things have to be bought in mini sizes for me, here. Just like the winter shoe that I am wearing, the winter jackets,  the winter trouser, the thermal wear, ….etc…etc… are all from the children’s collection!

But hei….as long as I can find a size that fits me and the design not too childish…then I have  no complaint!


My first pair (on the left) versus the new pair (on the right).


Inside their carrier bags.

ps: Have to admit that I felt a little embarrassed when carrying the shoe, given the smallness of the size. But once I put it on and started walking on it, the ease of putting it on and in using it, more than made up for the embarrassment!

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