Winter’s dragging …

Just when I thought that the weather is slowly but surely getting warmer and warmer, with the onset of spring in just 2 weeks, I was proven wrong! It snowed very lightly on Thursday and Friday for a short while. But still the weather was not too bad, i.e not too cold. Even Saturday was still good. But then yesterday, as we made our way to the train station for our raquette trip, it suddenly felt chillingly cold. A check with the temperature monitor showed that the temperature at that time was between minus 2-3°C. Drats!!

And when we got off at Yverdon Les Bains for our transfer to a smaller regional train that would take us up to the mountain village of Sainte Croix,  strong wind welcomed our arrival. It was so biting cold that I had serious second thought about the wisdom of trying to do raquette up on the mountain that day. But since we were already halfway to our intended destination, I kept my thought to myself.

Luckily, the temperature seemed more bearable when we arrived at Ste Croix. We manage to do raquette for about 2 hours before deciding to make our way back. Had intended to go further up, but as I had sprained my leg a little when I slipped down a steep slope (whilst trying to do a short cut up the mountain slope), the hubby decided that it might be better that we cut short the trip. However, we intended to try again next week since we now know the path better and know which way we should be taking. No short cut, that’s for sure.

As to the drop in the temperature, well, the hubby is happy as it would mean that the snow up the mountain will stay a bit longer for us to do a few more raquette trips. But then,  it could also mean that even though winter is supposed to end in 2 weeks, it is going to drag longer before finally giving way to the much awaited spring season. 😦

Anyway, here are some shots taken at Sainte Croix … enjoy.


Leaving the hubby to trail behind me…he..he.. he.. But that’s because he usually asked me to start first. But he soon caught up with me though..

St CroixNice and peaceful.

dscn3577Resting for a bit before making our way down the mountain.


Unfortunately the day was not as sunny as when we went to Les Pléaides, 2 weeks ago. But it was still nice to be up on the mountain with hardly anybody around. And to be able to try out my new raquette shoe!

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