Anniversary came and went…

Our wedding anniversary this year didn’t go as planned. The night before,  I had planned to wish the hubby very early in the morning as soon as I wake up but inconveniently forgot to do so in the usual morning rush to help him prepare to go to work. So did he.

When he remembered, he sent me an email telling me that it was our anniversary and asking whether I would like to go out for dinner at a Malaysian restaurant in town. So, we end up wishing each other via email and made plan for the dinner that evening. Since he is working while I am not, I checked out the opening hours, location and direction to the restaurant via its website (as it would be our first time there) and sent him the link. And we agreed on the time and place to meet. The hubby even reminded me to bring the camera so that we could take some photos during the dinner celebration, for posterity.

Unfortunately neither of us thought to write down the exact address of the restaurant, each thinking that the other would do so. So, we got a bit lost looking for the restaurant. But still we did manage to find it… only to find the restaurant light switched off just as we arrived at their door. We found out from the owner who was leaving the restaurant that it has closed for the evening!! Although there was a sign on the door indicating that they closed at 6pm on Monday in winter, this information was sadly missing from their website. And we didn’t think to call to check either! Needless to say, we were pretty disappointed.

Since the hubby was not feeling that well either, and we couldn’t think of other nice restaurant to go, we ended up going home and having a home-cooked vegetarian dinner instead! And that was how we celebrate our anniversary.

Hmmmm…maybe we’ll do better next year.