La Berneuse…

Since Valentine’s Day fell on a Sunday this year, which happened to coincide also with the first day of Chinese New Year, I thought it would be nice to make an outing to celebrate the day. And so I asked the hubby whether we could go to the mountain and he agreed to bring me to the Berneuse mountain in Leysin (canton of Vaud) where a revolving restaurant called the Kuklos (whose advertisement I had seen several times) is located.

We had been to Leysin on a very snowy day several years ago but did not take the cable car up to the restaurant, then. This time we decided that we will even though the cable car ticket was not that cheap.

The day was quite foggy and misty. And I must say that I was not feeling too comfortable being in a small cable car travelling high above ground in order to go up to the mountain top. For a while,  there was nothing much to see during the ride, with everything so foggy. But once we passed high enough above the clouds of mist, the sky started to clear up and we had a stunning view of the mountain ranges and their snow capped peaks. It was truly lovely.

The views from the Berneuse mountain top are truly splendid and eventhough we could not stay long up there, it was still a beautiful excursion. And I got to enjoy a nice hot tea in the cafe of the restaurant, while trying to get my cold feet back into circulation again.

Queueing with other skiers and snowboarders for the cable car ride.

Once we had passed through the clouds of mist …

… the beautiful mountain view started to unfold. They were superb!

And on La Berneuse …

… with a cable car making its way up (in the background).

A sea of mist hiding the mountains from view.

The hubby presiding over the sea of mist and mountains.

And yours truly, with the Kuklos (revolving restaurant) in the background.

Remember the old song Top of the World? Such a feeling coming over me, there is wonder in almost everything I see … (chorus) I’m on the … top of the world, looking … down on creation … and the only explanation I can find … is that God’s creation is truly something to behold! 🙂

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