Trying to catch the balloons…

The day after we arrived in Lausanne from our visit to Singapore, we decided to go up to the little mountain village of Chateau D’Oex, hoping to catch the last day of their Annual Balloons festival. These are not the small balloons that children likes to play with but BIG ones that carry people with it, rising many meters into the sky – the hot air balloons.

We’ve been wanting to watch the festival for many years but somehow for one reason or another always managed to miss it. So, although still tired and jet- lagged from our flight from Singapore the day before, we decided to brave the cold and went to Chateau D’Oex.

The day was nice but unfortunately we came a little too late because by the time we arrived, there was hardly any balloons up in the sky.  The last balloon which they had been preparing to lift off ground, unfortunately had a technical problem and never manage to lift off, after all. So in the end, we just walked around the quaint little village for a while, had a drink and then head back for home.

I supposed we will have to try again next year and maybe if we are lucky, we will really get to see and enjoy the festival!

DSCN3398The balloon (in the background) that never get to lift off ground.

Interesting balloons on the window display promoting the festival…

PanoramaTwo different designs made from crochet.

DSCN3402While this is made from cardboard using the festival’s brochure.


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