Kota Tinggi … reliving childhood visit …

In between excursions to Manado and Siem Reap,  we managed to fit in a trip to the waterfall at Kota Tinggi in Johor Bahru (Malaysia) during the weekend that we were in Singapore.

I remembered going to the Kota Tinggi waterfall a long, long time ago with my family. I was just in primary school, then. Wasn’t planning to go into the water since it was cold. But then which kid can resist going into the water, right? So in the end, I did, wearing just a short to hide my modesty since we didn’t bring any spare t-shirt. Still has that picture, but too x-rated to be shown here..he..he.

My brother-in-law kindly agreed to take time off from work to drive us there and my elder brother kindly lent us his MPV so that we could all (4 adults and 3 kids) fit into one car. Since both the hubby and I do not drive we usually have to look for ‘volunteers’ to help be our driver!

Prior to arriving there, I was quite excited remembering how nice the waterfall was and the fun we had when we made that trip a long time ago. But somehow once we reached the waterfall, it did not seem as beautiful and grand as I had imagined it to be from my childhood memories. It certainly was no longer as nice as it used to be so many years ago. While the chalets, restaurants and small shops that are built near the waterfall are nice conveniences, they had somehow caused the waterfall to lose its rustic appeal.

I felt a little disappointed with the whole look and feel of the waterfall. Nevertheless, we did have a great family outing despite that. The water was still cool and refreshing even though it was not as cold and no longer as clean as I it used to be. And it was sooo nice to be able to finally soak myself in a waterfall after so many years; and with the hubby to enjoy it with me!

Loading the MPV and getting ready to go!

The waterfall … at Kota Tinggi.

Family shot before plunging into the water …

And then into the water.

Tentatively at first … so as to get used to the chilly water … notice that the upper body is still dry. 🙂

But once we got used to the chilly water … it was really shiok !!! 🙂


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