Tarsius Spectrum…!

During the first week of our visit to Singapore in January 2010, we flew to Kima Bajo Resort & Spa, near Manado in North Sulawesi, Indonesia. Stayed there only 2 nights, unfortunately. A bit too short, and certainly very expensive for just a short stay but at least we got to see what we wanted to see going there. No, not the wonderful underwater seascape brimming with beautiful corals and marine life (the reason why most divers go to Manado). But to see the rare tarsier (or its scientific name, tarsius spectrum), the smallest monkey in the world. Even got to see the rare hornbill, too.

The hubby was so happy to see the tarsiers that he bought a soft toy, a keychain and a mug of the tarsier as souvenirs for himself! 🙂


The beautiful resort of Kima Bajo, where one can go for dives or learn to dive.

The next day, we went trekking through the Tangkoko Nature reserve, located more than an hour’s drive from the resort, in search of….

tarsius spectrum or tarsier, the smallest monkey in the world, measuring no more than 12 cm. It is a nocturnal primate which only comes out in the evening to feed. We saw a few of them hiding within the hollowed tree, waiting for the sun to set … they are sooooooo cute!

DSCN3151Notice the big round eyes…?

DSCN3149It looks more like a small koala than a little monkey to me…

dscn3138… or that creature in the movie Gremlins. 😀


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