Humble abode…

This is our humble abode for now, in Lausanne. It is a very old building built in 1908 and the hubby even found an old picture of it in the Lausanne’s Archive. The view from where we live is just beautiful. We enjoyed having our meal out in the balcony during the hot summer months. And its location is very convenient with supermarkets, libraries, pharmacies, post office, Asian grocery stores, dry cleaners, schools, etc..all within walking distance. My only grievance, no lift!

Ave Recordon Flat

We are in the centre (second last floor from the top).

Ave Recordon Flat 11

Uphill from the bus stop towards the flat.

P1_2 Jul 2008

The view from the living room and kitchen door.

And from the balcony on a nice clear day.

And the view from the balcony on a nice clear day.