Sea of yellows …

I started this entry about 2 weeks ago … but again it took this long to choose the pictures, reformat and upload them, write the entry and publish it! I just had to share it (even though the motivation to do so had started to slowly disappear over time) mainly because it took us several visits … spread over several years … before we finally got to see these early spring beauties in all their blooming glory. And I wanted to have it documented so as to be able to look back one day and reminisce on the wonderful experience it was to be in woods at the start of spring this year.


Last year, we managed to get quite a good show. However, even though we were there around the same time as this year … because last winter was so freezing cold, with temperatures that dropped below double digits and snowfalls that stretched well into early spring, … we ended visiting them a little too early. Many were already blooming beautifully then … but just as many were still just unopened buds. But this year our perseverance paid off … or rather our timing was spot on! 😊

We almost delayed our visit this year as the hubby had felt unwell, just a few days before the planned visit. But fortunately, by making sure that he took daily doses of rosehip tea and elderberry syrup which I had made from my foraging jaunts last year, he felt well enough for us to proceed with our visit on the proposed date. It was good timing as we were told by one of the regular visitors to this annual floral spring show that the wild daffodils had been blooming for 2 weeks already!

So on the second day of spring this year, we made our annual visit to the little woods located about half an hour away by train from Lausanne … hoping fervently that we would be lucky this year. And thankfully we did.

Finally on my fifth visit I really got to see these woods literally covered with wild daffodils … exactly the way I had seen them on some pictures when I first started looking up information about this hidden gem!


What a beauty … and what a beautiful day it was to be spending it amongst these early spring beauties! We lurveee it … 😁

ps: As I take photos using only my handphone nowadays, please excuse the quality of the photos …




While others chose to sit in the open area under the sun … we chose to have our little midday break in the midst of the woods among the elusive spring blooms (‘elusive’ because we had not been as lucky on our previous visits – five if we include this year’s)! Our ‘petite pause’ had hardly ever tasted so good as it was in these woods! 😋



On that day, we saw and met a lot more people in that woods than in previous years … with several coming in big groups. This, we could only assume, was either because in previous years we had come at the wrong time … or because more and more people were getting to know about this little haven!

While it is nice to be able share these beauties from nature with more admirers, however, we also hope … and which was also the fervent wish of one of the more regular visitors we talked to that day … that the numbers of yearly visitors would not increase too much. Nothing is worse than having to rub shoulders with so many other people while trying to admire these spring beauties and than having them carelessly trampled on by inconsiderate visitors who might be wanting to have their photos taken amongst the sea of yellows!